Monday, September 27, 2010

CONGRATULATIONS to Quantrelle Green for shooting games of 280, 300, and 290 for an outstanding 870 scratch series.  Quan was bowling at Suburban Lanes in Decatur, GA on lanes 25-26.  Quan stated this was her first night bowling there this season as a sub.


Quans first game was strike, 2,5 spare, off the sheet for 280. Second game 300, Third game 1,2,5,8 spare, off the sheet for 290.


This is the Georgia State Record and the THIRD highest National score record for Women.


Quans previous high series was an 801.


This is some really great bowling and we are proud of you!

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Great bowling Quantrelle!!! Keep it up girl..
1st and foremost I miss ya'll. But from now on when they speak of greatness you have to speak about
Quan, or aka The Queen great bowling love you from baby bro.
To my brother you are very much missed as well. I just strive to be like you. April thank you. BIG thank you to Theo much love.

Just want to explain that 1,2,5,8 spare. I was too relaxed the ball slipped out my hand and thankfully stayed on the lane. Ooops!!
Amazing set....great job Quantrelle!
Congratulations Quan on the outstanding bowling!!!!!!
Incredible! Great shooting!
Great accomplishment Quan!! This is somthing to be rembember by all bowlers. You are a great motivator. Keep it up!!
1-2-5-8. No explanation needed. That was just a check to make sure that you're human (LOL). Great evening! Congratulations!!! I see a few more weeks of subbing (is that a word?) in your future.
Nothing Hits Like A Hammer - Opps, Nothing Hits Like The Queen with A Hammer. Great series Quan. Can't wait to see what's next.... :-)
Quan, as I stated before on Facebook, I am so proud of you and you are such a humble person. Keep doing what you are doing and the sky is not the limit. REACH HIGHER !!!You make the bowling community proud. Bless all your endeavors...KGJ
Hey Quan, just wanted to congratulate you on such an incredible accomplishment. It could'nt have happened to a better person....keep up the great bowling, you represent the sport of bowling very well. We are all so very proud of you!!!!
You go GIRL.........this is perfect and you deserve it. Great scores!!!!!

Tawanda Triplet

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