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Roto Grip Grenade Review

This ball has the characteristics of two of my favorite balls. It has the old black Roto Grip Silver Streak weight block, now being used on the Nomads. It also has an urethane shell that reminds me of my old blue hammer, but it can be polished. It's a little stronger than the Storm Natural to me.

I drilled mine 4x4 pin over the ring finger and cg a little right of the palm. No weight hole.

This is a great ball for lighter oil conditions and/or shorter oil patterns. It is also a…


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Mutant Cell Pearl Review

I had my Mutant Cell Pearl drilled 4-1/2 x 4. The pin is 1" over the ring finger and 1/2" to the right, the cg is 1-1/2" below the ring finger and the mass bias is 1/2" right of the thumb hole, no weight hole.

I am very pleased with the reaction it gives me. The pearl finish gets through the heads easily. The colorful shell lets you see the roll and spin. The midlane reaction is one of the best I've seen, it is very consistent and strong without any jerk and the backend is…


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Mutant Cell Pearl Review

I drilled the Mutant Pearl with the pin above my fingers, 4 3/4" from my axis, cg out (enough to drill weight hole), MB 1 1/2" right of thumb, 1 1/8" weight hole on my VAL, 2" down from my axis (4 7/8>up 13/16). The Pearl gets down the lane about 2' longer than my Mutant solid on a fresh house shot. The reaction off the dry is a very smooth,arcing motion through the pins. The Pearl hits hard, like all the Cell balls, with strong continuation…

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Mutant Cell Pearl Review

Im very proud here today to talk to you about the new mutant cell pearl,and on how great this ball is for me and maybe even for you if you can get your hands on one.First thing first i would like to say wow very nice looking ball and wild colours as well very well created,great job.So what do i think about my mutant pearls?drilled 2 up right away.I like this ball alot reminds me of the cell pearl but not quite some differences.way more backend reaction thats for sure.This ball gives me clean… Continue

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Roto Grip Grenade Review

i new when this ball came out that this ball wasnt going to do much.because of the urethane cover but still has a pretty strong core shape to it.When i drilled mine it gave me a nice controll but smooth reaction to the pocket.Even for when i was using it on the shorter lane patterns it didnt over react for me playing up the boards.

My Grenade is laid out with the pin drilled out in ring finger being place 3 inches from axis and cg being place in the center of my grip.Box finish is… Continue

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Roto Grip Grenade Review

Using the core found in the Riot and Dark Star, Roto Grip has wrapped a urethane, 2000 grit abralon finish, coverstock (retrothane), around the core to give this ball the same Rg and Differential as the Dark Star and Riot. As the newer, stronger covers, tend to burn up lane conditions faster than in the "old" urethane days, urethane is making a return. From the novice to the advanced bowler, a urethane cover will provide a more controlled ball reaction on light to drier…

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December 5, 2009 3rd annual Something 4 the Ladies Scratch- winner- Tinikia Fleming of Fountain Inn, SC

runner-up- Daphne Smith of Simpsonville, SC

December 12, 2009 6th annual Holiday Scratch- winner- Jake Washington of Hiram, GA

runner-up-… Continue

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The REALBOWLERS TOUR is in the midst of an exciting season of competitive bowling, we are enjoying our best season yet in attendance and overall tour participation and you the "RealBowler" has made that possible. So far we've hosted eight scratch events with only four events remaining. Our tour is constantly evolving as we continue to look for ways to make it appealing to every scratch bowler regardless of age and…


Added by TIM MCNAIR on June 1, 2010 at 8:00pm — 5 Comments

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