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Nomad Dagger Review

Y throw anything else when you can throw a dagger.The new midline release the nomad dagger is a great ball between the other 2 nomads in the line up,same core but just hybrid coverstock.With the new hybrid coverstock this ball cleans the fronts and the midlan so clean then any other ball and down lane real strong motion not like skid flip more like skid but super strong are.Drilled mine 5x5 and i love this ball.I love the sold and pearl but this fits great in my bag,one of my go to bals now for… Continue

Added by Daniel Skitt on December 24, 2010 at 1:57am — No Comments

Theory Review

Theory is probably strongest ball ive thrown from the roto line.This ball allows me to play on those longer and tighter tuffer patterns.Need to open the lane up no problem this ball will do that for you.More the miss the better it is cause you will want to miss with this ball thats how much it hooks.Ive drilled 2.Have one with box finish and the other shined up to 1500 with storm extra shine.Have one drilled 4x4 and 5x3.Have to say this ball will work for every bowler out there even if its… Continue

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Theory ball review by Ricky Woods

Well I took this ball out to bowl with it on a beefed up house shot. I first threw my Mutant Cell box finish which was plenty strong. So now to the Theory, I line up with the Theroy box finish as I did with the Mutant and the first shot went four pin high. Thinking I might have just been a little slow, I threw it again with the same results. So I made a 3 and 2 move left and it was still too strong. So I moved another 3 and 2 and this ball was cleaner through the fronts but strong and…


Added by Ricky L. Woods on December 19, 2010 at 4:02pm — No Comments

Nomad Dagger ball review by Ricky Woods

WOW!!!! enough said. When I first heard of the release of this ball, I really got excited. I've watched several of my friends throwing the Hy-Road and I really liked the reaction of it. I got mine and bowled on a 39' house shot. I started with the ball factory finish and was playing up the gutter with medium speed. The ball just floated through the fronts with a STRONG ANGULAR backend movement. As the outside started drying out, I just kept on moving left and the ball never started hooking… Continue

Added by Ricky L. Woods on December 19, 2010 at 4:00pm — No Comments

Nomad Dagger Review

I drilled this ball with the pin and cg stacked under my ring finger with no extra hole. The pin on this ball was approx 3" which put the Cg just above my thumb. To compensate for the additional thumb weight this created, I drilled the fingers deeper to get the thumb weight to zero.

I used this layout to give me a skid/flip reaction for use on shorter oil patterns and on house shots as they break down. My Theory is drilled in a similar manner. Recently in league, my Theory was too…

Added by SenorRotoGrip on December 7, 2010 at 8:02am — No Comments

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