RealTalk #8 What statements do you NOT want to hear at the bowling alley?

I know its been a while...


This topic can have a broad range of responses.  I was thinking last night after bowling, there are certain statements that you just do not want to hear while you are bowling or at the bowling alley.


I don't want to dictate the way this post goes so I am just going to give a couple of examples to let everyone get the gist of what I am saying.  Then I want to hear from you.


Ex. 1:

After you have shot your tail off on pace for a 760 series because of some things you have been practicing and someone says "they got the shot wide open tonight!"


Ex 2:

After months of planning a tournament you get to the center the day of and the manager tells you "we have to put a birthday party on the lanes next to your tournament" :)


Ex. 3:

You show up to practice and they tell you "we don't have any lanes available"


These are statements you just don't want to hear.  Share with us some of yours, don't be shy I am just touching the surface with mine. This is RealTalk...

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I average about a 170, I have good games and bad, when I bowl bad I have this one guy that likes to come up to me and say "this is what you should or should have done" I don't remember asking for advice and I never will. I generally walk away but it gets on my nerves.
I just let people talk. I really dont give a crap what they have to say because every single bowler has a good night where everything carries and a bad night where nothing falls.

On a second note, I hate to hear people cussing and seeing them beating either their equipment or the ball return.

Something I dont like is something I see, not really hear, it's when people throw a bad shot then grab their hand or shake their fingers like that shot just hurt so bad! But then they turn around and throw a strike the next shot and are slapping high fives like everything is A-OK.

LOL I also hate to hear when you go to the counter and ask for a pair to practice and they go, how about 11-12, and you look over and the whole house is empty except for 13-14 and there's a bunch of people drinking and that obviously know nothing about bowling or lane courtesy. So you turn around and go REALLY?
This just happened this week. Billy O is bowling the TQR in Columbus after leading the field of 96 one of the bowlers said to me "They are setting the shot up for Parker Bohn" I replied "Oh yea, well Parker Bohn is not bowling the TQR's and Billy is the only lefty in the top 15." WTF

One of the things that irks me to no end is when you are bowling next to some one that after every strike they want to pose or walk over close to your lane while you are on the it that serious??? everybody saw your strike....i saw your new bowling shoes...we see your new haircut....i see your new ball...we smell your cologne...LOL!!!
After a long day of work and you didnt get to grab nothing to eat prior to bowling. You order you a ten piece wings and fries...then every hungry person in the alley wants to come by and say "let me get one of those wings" LOL That is something that I do not want to hear. GO BUY YOUR OWN WINGS! smh :)
It is very distracting when you are in the middle of your approach to hear the loud hand clap of someone who just struck two lanes over. Or someone who didn't carry and just stands at the line in disbelief or is cussing because of a bad break. I guess I shouldn't let little things bother me, but that is the topic.
When your other teammates complain about the other team having a high hanicap but they didnt COME CLOSE TO THERE AVERAGE THEMSELVES. It felt good letting that one go!
I agree nisa, i hate it when the bowlers always say this is a lefties house and righthanders cant score.

NISA said:
I hate when a 200+ bowler shoots a 135 and says "This house is a hard house or it's messed up." Or "This house favors left hand or left side bowling bowlers (Me)." :-)

Now where is he/she  it's his/her turn to bowl?

When you shoot a good score or win a tournament and the first thing I hear is "oh it's wide" open on the left side."  Whether you are left or right handed, you still have to EXECUTE!

You show up for league and hear that the lane machine is broken.  "They didn't run the lanes today."

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