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The IQ Tour is an amazing ball for all types of bowlers because of it's versitility. This ball is smooth, controlling, reads the lanes well and allows you to controls the back end. I would recommend this ball for medium to heavy conditions. It clears the front part of the lane and still responds, comparable to a pearl ball. Mine is drilled pin up and I have adjusted the surface to 1000 abralon using a surface factory machine for slicker conditions.

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Berserk Review

This ball is great when the lanes break down and there is some back end. Love the color and the roll as it goes down the lane. I would use this ball on the medium type of conditions because it tends to slide too much when there is oil. I put 1000 abralon finish on the ball with a surface factory machine because it shines up in a few games.

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Tropical Breeze Review

Tropical Breeze is probably the only ball that can really do its job on short lane patters and burnt out lane conditions.My Breeze allows me to play really straight without and reaction to early but works great down lane cause it skids so far its crazy.I can play up the boards no problem with this ball and able to stay there for a long period of time.When my natural starts to roll to early and have no backend i can change to my breeze and play the same area of the lane just with more skid and… Continue

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Tropical Heat Solid Review

Tropical Heat Solid really fits well in the storm line up for lower end bowling balls.Tropical Heat for me allows me to play on light to medium lane conditions.My solid one gives me great length and control backend reaction very smooth arcing motion,hits well to,smells great also.so looking for something not to lowend but control on those dryer patters drill this ball up.

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Victory Road Solid Review

Victory Road was a great ball on the market and probably in every bowlers bag.Its still in my bag for sure.Now with the new realease of the victory road solid,this ball will just be a bit more rolly in the midpart of the lane with its solid coverstock.I can use my victory road solid on more fresher and heavy lane conditions at the start cause it give me great rolly look and no over under for me on those patterns.Drill one up and you will see for yourself how great of a ball this is.

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Marvel Pearl Review

Marvel Pearl is a great ball in my bag.Ball gives me that nice and clean threw front part of the lane but nice control smooth ball reaction down lane.Great ball to use after the orginal marvel. Would be a great ball in everyones bag by far if anyone has the orginal marvel trust me drill the pearl you will be very happy with this ball.Also great smell and looking ball.

Added by Daniel Skitt on September 18, 2011 at 6:20pm — 1 Comment

Outlaw-Bandit Review

great one and two punch to have in your bag.Outlaw for me allows me to play on those medium lanes condtions ,play little more direct but dont doubt this ball it hooks quite a bit just to let you know.ive used this ball on tigher lanes condtions for myself.And now for the bandit great ball to go to after the use of the outlaw.bandit gives you more lenght with great strong backend reaction when needed to play more inside when lanes break down.or when outlaw starts to burn out.Bandit for me i can… Continue

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Roto Grip Critical Theroy Review

Critical Theroy this ball is crazy.If your looking to open the lane up and having trouble finding that ball to do so,well guess what this ball will do it for you no problem.This ball for me really gives me clean look threw the front part of the lane with that roll threw the middle and awsome backend reaction.Roto grip really did a great job on this ball.

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Virtual Gravity Nano Review

The new Storm release Virtual Gravity Nano will be the ball everyone will want in there bag no matter where they are bowling or bowling on. The NANO has a very strong Asymmetric core same core from the virtual gravity and a box finish of 4000 abralon.When i drilled this ball i couldnt belive how much this ball hooks in oil.It looked like a ball with non stopping power down the lane and backend motion.This ball does what it was designed for hook and tons of it.so for bowlers out there looking… Continue

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Victory Road Review

The Victory Road is the newest addition to Storm's Thunder Line. The new design Fe 3 core allows for a variety of layouts. The R2s pearl cover is a great match for this core and its ability to handle a wide variety of lane conditions for all types of bowlers.This balls allows me to created great lenght threw those burnt out heads but retains so much energy down lane for a strong motion down lane.this ball reminds me of a stronger t-road pearl so dont wait drill one today and see what im talking… Continue

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Marvel Review

Prodogy was a great succes plus a great ball for bolwers all over.Marvel for me gives me a greater performance in those medium and longer house patters and sport patterns.Marvel for me give me a complet controle type look threw the intire lane with pretty desent backend reaction.Any body who drilled the prodogy will definitly have to drill the marvel.Great colours and smells great to.

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Infinite Theroy Review

Infinite Theory gives me a reaction in my bag like no other.The infinity theory i drilled allows me to clean the front part of the lane really well for a highend asymetrical ball i my bag with nice controoled backend reaction,nothing to over under.Also with great coverstock they put on this ball the insight hybrid reactive coverstock allows me to also read midlane recation better.Cover stock in very east to alter if need be.choice of colour great on this ball.

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Rising Star Review

This ball is a great addtative to to are lower end ball line up for roto grip.when i got this ball and opened the box first thing i said was wow great colour choice.After throwing this ball seems to give myself good lenght also a bit of midlane read not to much just enought to read the lane,plus really great backend moion.Ive used this ball on multiple lane conditions and have to say ball rolls and works great on all conditions.One of my favorite go to ball in the bag for me,could be for you to

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Nomad Dagger Review

Y throw anything else when you can throw a dagger.The new midline release the nomad dagger is a great ball between the other 2 nomads in the line up,same core but just hybrid coverstock.With the new hybrid coverstock this ball cleans the fronts and the midlan so clean then any other ball and down lane real strong motion not like skid flip more like skid but super strong are.Drilled mine 5x5 and i love this ball.I love the sold and pearl but this fits great in my bag,one of my go to bals now for… Continue

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Theory Review

Theory is probably strongest ball ive thrown from the roto line.This ball allows me to play on those longer and tighter tuffer patterns.Need to open the lane up no problem this ball will do that for you.More the miss the better it is cause you will want to miss with this ball thats how much it hooks.Ive drilled 2.Have one with box finish and the other shined up to 1500 with storm extra shine.Have one drilled 4x4 and 5x3.Have to say this ball will work for every bowler out there even if its… Continue

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Mutant Cell Pearl Review

Im very proud here today to talk to you about the new mutant cell pearl,and on how great this ball is for me and maybe even for you if you can get your hands on one.First thing first i would like to say wow very nice looking ball and wild colours as well very well created,great job.So what do i think about my mutant pearls?drilled 2 up right away.I like this ball alot reminds me of the cell pearl but not quite some differences.way more backend reaction thats for sure.This ball gives me clean… Continue

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Roto Grip Grenade Review

i new when this ball came out that this ball wasnt going to do much.because of the urethane cover but still has a pretty strong core shape to it.When i drilled mine it gave me a nice controll but smooth reaction to the pocket.Even for when i was using it on the shorter lane patterns it didnt over react for me playing up the boards.

My Grenade is laid out with the pin drilled out in ring finger being place 3 inches from axis and cg being place in the center of my grip.Box finish is… Continue

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Dark Star Review

Dark Star My dark star is drilled pin below ring finger. So this ball here has the same core as the riot basically gives you the same kind of look. it gives the pearl type finish,ball is very controlling. My advise is not to be used on heavy oil lane conditions, to be used on shorter or dry lane conditions... reason for that the ball cleans the front very well and has a very smooth reaction. For bowlers who need a ball for shoprter sport pattens this is the ball I would use..

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Mutant Cell review

Mutant Cell another great release from Roto Grip.Just hear to tell you all on how great this ball is on the lanes.The new mutant cell gives bowlers a little bit more edge on those longer and wetter lane conditions that bowlers have trouble with finding the right ball to use.The mutant cell gives the bowler a little bit more hook on the backend with this new core and coverstock still thow rolls early as well,but with balls being designed today were getting a litte bit more pop off the corner for… Continue

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Nomad Solid +Nomad Pearl

Nomad Solid,I can really say this is the ball.The all new roto grip nomad solid,gives the bowlers that silver streak line back in there hands,but more like a sliver streak on steroids,cause of haveing the core from the silver streak put in a all new cover stock (ultra vision) solid reactive.The namad will give bowlers that early look on the lane and more even out backend ball reaction.My nomad (drilled from box service) 5x3 to my pap.So got pin belov middle finger and cg center of grip,no extra… Continue

Added by Daniel Skitt on August 11, 2009 at 4:00am — 1 Comment

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