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At 8:46pm on December 4, 2010, Stephanie Wills said…
Hey Fox!! I thought about you today cuz I bowled in the RBT Something 4 The Ladies at Forest Park. I was remembering the other summer when I bowled in a doubles tourney with you there. How are you?! What have you been up to?
At 2:23am on September 14, 2010, Otto Ferguson III said…
What's up F.O.X.?

I greatly appreciate the compliments on the PBR Series ball racks. They are being received very well by the bowling community at large! I launched them May 2010, and we already have national distribution through one of the nations most respected in the bowling products distribution game (Ace Mitchell Bowlers Mart of Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio).

You can order online at www.infinitevisionbowling.com. And in the special comments section mention that you discovered our product on RealBowlers and I will give you a 1 level upgrade. (Ex. I'll sell you a 15 ball version for the for price of the 12 ball version. Or a 12 ball version for the price of a 9 ball version.) This offer applies only to the first 50 orders from RealBowlers! So act fast.

Again thanks for the compliments. Hope to place an order for you soon! Until then good luck on them lanes! And please tell a friend about us!

At 11:44am on September 11, 2010, Cris said…
LOL! No fire or desire for bowling yet. I may watch the tourny today. We'll see....

I hear you've been kicking butt and taking names. Is that true? :)
At 10:12am on February 28, 2010, cynthia patton said…
Things still the same. lol you know the drill.
At 6:28pm on February 25, 2010, Anitra said…
Thanks a lot F.O.X!!!
At 12:30am on October 20, 2009, Chase said…
Hey... yeah, I did the very first squad. I tried pretty much everything there...and even took a lesson with Mo.
At 5:08pm on September 25, 2009, Jimmy Menefee Jr. said…
Thank you sir!!
At 3:13pm on September 24, 2009, NISA said…
I'm just working trying to get done on time to bowl tonight.
At 8:38am on August 16, 2009, Jimmy Menefee Jr. said…
Thanks Fox. I don't look at it as a lost but much experience gained. I'm new to the tournament scene so they won't see the last of me. I appreciate the words of encouragement and I won't take it for granted.
At 8:20pm on June 25, 2009, Cris said…
Thanks Fox. I'm not sure what happened to the last pic
At 1:02pm on June 24, 2009, Anitra said…
Will do Mr. F.O.X. I shall continue to do so. Thanks for the compliments! Much appreciated. You know women love to hear compliments from time to time. Actually men do as well!!! They sometimes makes us " Happy People!"
At 10:39am on June 24, 2009, Anitra said…
LOL! I know right???? Didn't think about how much you liked red! My bad. I like red as well. I will do better next time! My apologies!
At 11:36am on June 7, 2009, Anitra said…
Thanks F.O.X. I am kinda into purple these days. Just all of a sudden. The red is pretty cool too. Thanks again for the compliment. TTYL
At 2:44pm on May 20, 2009, Anitra said…
Thanks a lot F.O.X!
At 12:14pm on May 7, 2009, Cris said…
lol. Thanks for the compliment, but I wasn't bowling with Jack Jackson. I don't know who that is; although, I was at the bowling alley. Without a picture of you, I don't know if I saw you or not. Next time be sure to say hello.
At 11:57am on May 7, 2009, Cris said…
Where does it show I bowled at Forest Park? I didn't do well. Bowling again this Saturday. Thanks for asking.
At 9:37am on April 28, 2009, Tesa Dyson said…
Lol, thanks Fox. I left the stinkin' 10 pin.
At 4:14pm on March 16, 2009, Cris said…
Where is your picture so Ican know who you are? :>)

Is this Mr. Stinson?
At 4:37pm on March 8, 2009, Anitra said…
Definitely an experience for sure!!!!! As far as the 36 pins, I agree. I need to take advantage of it while I can. I think I will look into more tournaments. I just needed a break from it all. See you soon! Keep smashing those pins!
At 9:11pm on March 7, 2009, Anitra said…
You think you are laying low..... I have mastered the laying low part! LOL. Too much going on these days in the alley for me! Something I am not accustomed too! As far as my USBC average, yes I do have one. I would get normally around 36 pins handicap. At least based on the book average now. That will change next year. I sometimes bowl in tournaments. I plan to take advantage of more in the future.

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